June 22 - July 6- July 20- August 3- August 17

Every 2nd Friday from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM in Chisholm Park

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The Antigonish Art Fair

The Antigonish Art Fair is a non-profit organization which has three simple goals. First we work to support new artists, of all ages, in our community. Secondly, we aim to build a reputation as being the cultural centre of eastern Nova Scotia. Finally, the Art Fair works to bring more activity to downtown Antigonish.

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The Arts House

The Arts House is a space that has been created to support the Antigonish art community. This summer will see artists Nancy Turniawan, Cindy MacPherson, and pottery expert Pat Foote, conducting arts camps for children ages 6-12. The children will receive guidance from highly respected and experienced creators.

Music Line Up - July 20

Headliner: Junior Fraser and Friends


Junior Fraser is a guitarist who grew up in Ohio, Antigonish County. He now lives in Pomquet, Antigonish County. He started playing guitar at the age of 14, learning by ear. Since then, he has played with many fiddlers and singers throughout the maritimes.




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Our Location

All events will be at Chisholm Park and the park will be full of fantastic performances to view and an array of wonderful art, artisanal goods, and multicultural food to purchase. Admission to the park is free!

OUR Video

Experience a taste of the inaugural first year of the Antigonish Art Fair