The Arts House 2019
Argentinian Tango Survey

We are planning a brand new course here at The Arts House.
George Cotsomitis is hoping to offer Argentinian Tango lessons.
Argentine Tango is a couples dance that incorporates walking around the floor
as a couple interspersed with figures or dance movements. It can be done
in open or close embrace. The focus of this dance is connection between
partners and improvised movement similar to playing jazz.
The benefits of dancing tango are a good posture, a feeling of connection,
improved balance and having fun. 

Right now, we would like to ask you to do a quick survey so we can better organize these lessons.
Filling out this survey is no commitment to the class, but if you would like to enter
your email address below we will keep in touch with details in the coming weeks.

Check out this video to see what the dance is all about:

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