Eli Tynan

At the August 4th, 2017 Art Fair our featured artist will be Eli Tynan. We asked her a few questions regarding her artistic practice - her responses can be found below along with her bio and artist statement. You can also find a sample of her work at the end of this post.


Eli Tynan is an artist residing in the rural Community of Lochaber, Nova Scotia. Her main media(s) include alcohol ink and oils. Much of her work is featured in private collections throughout the United States, Canada and Australia and has gained local media attention after winning two commissions for both Town and County Wall Murals.  

She studied Music and Art at the University of North Texas and received a degree in Music Education from the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam. Upon her diagnosis with MS in 2006 she left full time music teaching to travel and become more active in her studio. She creates and paints at her home studio, attributing her inspirations and love of colour to the watercolours of her late Grandmother.

Alcohol Ink is her current medium of choice. “I have fallen in love with their vibrant colours and spontaneous flow.  Alcohol Inks have a mind of their own but once you give them a little room to express themselves, they’ll hand the control back to you to express the rest. This media has allowed me to merge my passion for colour and spontaneity with inspirational images.”

Artist Statement:
In nature, around every corner there is much more to be seen. The abstract flow of paint and unexpected colour in my work reminds us of things unobserved. To witness the vibrant currents and exquisite moments of colour in nature is a privilege. Colour plays a key role in my approach to painting. Colour is my passion. With the vibrant colours and spontaneous flow of Alcohol Ink, I find it meditative to watch them work their magic. They move freely and blend together playfully, creating unexpected shapes and outlines. Being alcohol based, however, the paints dry fast. But with careful timing and the use of unconventional tools, I encourage their flow to reveal a glimpse of landscapes and skylines beyond your imagination. “If the colours of nature have ever made you stop still in your tracks, then Tynan's art will paralyze you.” ~ Tyler MacDonald
I aim for my art to bring viewers back to those awe striking moments of witnessing natures beauty and to inspire new visions of hope. I paint because it gives me a way to de-stress and puts me in a state of consciousness I’ve never found anywhere else. Life can be fast paced and stressful! My art invites you to slow down and be visually "lost in time".



1.   What inspired you to start painting using alcohol inks?  And how were you first introduced to this medium?

The first thing that drew me to alcohol inks is their vivid colour and the magic that they present right before your eyes. They are so fun to watch! My introduction to Alcohol ink was actually through my Mom. We were looking for a way to creatively fill in a large gap that had to be jackhammered into the concrete floor in my basement. She came across alcohol inks online and showed them to me b/c she knew I'd love them. We decided to try using them on tiles and make a mosaic out of them for the floor. As an artist, once I learned to control the ink, the rest is history!

2.   How has residing on the east coast influenced your artwork?

Being on the east coast has been wonderful for my art! I think it is one of the main inspirations for the landscapes that I create! There is so much colour within the skies and rolling hills within nature! Not to mention the beaches and flowers around here! Just awesome!

3.   What led you to become an artist?

What led me to being an artist is the sense of relaxation I get from being in the moment! I love to create. I love the freedom creating allows me. 

4.   What keeps you excited about being an artist? 

I have a quote that has always spoken to me and can answer this question better than I could: 

 "When you're in a creative environment you're allowed to make mistakes and your allowed to experiment and you're allowed to try something… and if it doesn't work, it's no shame on anybody… actually the death of creativity is when you don't do that.” 


 5.   What words of advice would you give to future artists?

Another quote to live by:  "The secret to happiness is doing what you love, the secret to success is loving what you do." ~ Vanny Angel