Carol Rivoire - Intuitive Abstract Art

Carol Rivoire is the Art Fairs Featured Artist for the Aug 18th event. She is a long time friend of the art fair and we are thrilled to have her demonstrating her intuitive abstract art at Fridays fair. Below is a brief writing about carol and an example of her work. Please visit her own website at to find out more about this artist and her work.


“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing . . . . . does the artist do good things.”
                                                   - Edgar Degas

This marvelous quote from Degas has been my inspiration - This along with invaluable mentoring from famous Newport, Rhode Island/Naples, Florida abstract artist, Therese Girard. Also, Michael Domina, abstract and watercolour artist and teacher (Naples, Vermont & Mass.) - From all of these and others, I learned to be courageous in my art. Not afraid to make mistakes or fail, use big brushes, and scraps of anything. All of the teaching I've given myself, has not only been tremendously exhilarating and fun, but I'm growing by leaps and bounds as an abstract (contemporary) artist. 


I was born in 1940. My father was an artist, but earned his living wallpapering houses. My grandfather, also an artist, painted hotel rooms in Boston. My husband a gifted artist worked in the leather industry. – Me, I never picked up a brush until after my husband died in 2012. My first art lesson was in collage, an art form I've been fascinated with for 60 years. I loved it, and earned the pet name from my teacher of “Wild Child”. – Hey, in your seventies, that's a good thing. Messing about in paint describes pretty good why I love painting pictures – My pictures have a lot of texture. Oftentimes that texture is created by the painting's history. That's artist talk for what's underneath.

My intuitive abstract paintings generally have a lot of texture which I create through various techniques. – Also, a lot of color. - Although, I started painting very late in life, I've always known, and been told I have a good sense of color, texture, and placement. – One visitor to my Old Barn Gallery said she loved my sense of placement in my paintings as well as the furniture in the gallery.