Cori MacInnis

Local watercolour artist Cori MacInnis will be the featured artist for our June 23rd, 2017 Art Fair. We reached out to Cori to answer a few questions regarding her art. Take a look at her paintings and read through her answers below to find out more about this incredible artist.

Questions and Answers 

AAF -  What makes you notice things that not everybody would see and paint them? 
CM - Everyone can see emotion on a persons face and in their body language or atmosphere looking out a window or into a room. I love the challenge of trying to capture those things we all recognize.

AAF - Although your art appears to implement extensive technique and skill:
a) did you study water colours?
b) do you find you learn more about yourself as an artist when you tried something you weren't educated in? 
CM - I don't have any formal art education, although at one point I did apply for art college. I wasn't accepted but I didn't stop creating. I started adding watercolour paint to my drawings and eventually experimenting with more colour. Sometimes I wonder if the techniques I taught myself are the "right" ones but they are mine! I am constantly, happily learning.

AAF - What drew you to the world of art? Did you ever consider doing something else? 
CM - My parents recognized my artistic side and always encouraged me. My whole life I've been trying to find my "thing" but it wasn't until recently that I realized I already had it. I'm also a birth Doula, I have three children and Im always dabbling in something new. Painting is the thing I can always go back to.

AAF - Have the places you've traveled or lived shaped and changed your art? And if so how has it affected the progression of your art? 
CM - I think travelling, living in other places and meeting new people has shaped me as a person. The more I grew to know myself and to sympathize and understand the complexities of other people, the more my art evolved. 

Cori's Work