The Established Mi’kmaq Artist

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

The landscape in the Art World has changed dramatically. Very few galleries promote new artists properly anymore. I recommend that any new artist consider self-promotion through social media to break into the art world. Try to do something with your art every day. Think of it as a muscle that has to be strengthened by using it regularly.

What was it like when you sold your first piece of art?

The sale of my first piece was a milestone which marked a start to my professional career. It gave me confidence knowing my work and style were marketable.

Was it very hard learning how to paint and discovering the artist inside? 

Early on its about acquiring skills and trying to perfect your medium. I knew from the start that pursuing my art career was the direction I would go. In 1971 I began my private study with influential artist and activist Shirley Bear, this study strengthened my confidence and resolve to continue my career path

What drew you to the world of art? Did you ever consider doing something else?

Early on I had a strong desire to share my Aboriginal background. In particular incorporating petroglyph history into my Art work. There was a time that I decided to give up art. That experience taught me that I could not live without art..making art has always been my path choice since then.

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