Morning People

Like we started off at the beginning of ‘Let’s Talk Art,’ art can be anything that allows individuals to express themselves and their emotions. Some people are truly morning people who love coffee and some people even love painting with it. Imagine controlling where the coffee is on the page and having such detail in the artwork. Artists all over the world are seeking to create new fine art while changing the medium of how we communicate. Coffee art is not just a fad or a few individuals attempting something new; rather it is a new form of art that takes time to master and communicate. 

What baffles me is how to make some areas darker without soaking the painting completely through and having it spread all over the page. Imagine painting R2-D2 or Daenerys Targaryen,with the fine detail and deep emotion. 

I already have a really hard time painting with something normal like paint but painting with coffee and those paint brushes looks insane. 

People have been using coffee for a very long time surpassingly for washes for sketches and other shading but this is one of the first times where a process is used to completely paint a piece using coffee. It allows for a new kind of darkness and a unique way of viewing and creating art. Although this art may not be traditional art, it has been in both traditional and non-traditional art exhibitions. 

Coffee is a universal beverage that is consumed on every continent by millions of people a day. With this in mind, coffee art is envisioned as capturing people’s imaginations by creating fine art out of something ordinary, like a person’s morning coffee. Coffee art brings art back to the basics of using a brush, water, and coffee - the physical elements, the conceptualization and the incredible talent.