The Art of Selling

How to sell art?

On Friday June 10th at 5:30, the Antigonish Art Fair is excited to announce a one hour session with a focus on selling art with Nancy Turniawan. We will be meeting at the Antigonish Library in the large community room. Artists and artisans are asked, if possible, to bring one piece of original work that exemplifies what they are interested in selling. 

Nancy Turniawan has had a long career as an art educator in our area. She has taught students of all ages, and their families, about the importance of learning how to look at art and how to engage with local artists. Only recently, in trying to market her own art at the Art Fair, she learned from the public and from buyers, what are the practical problems of selling art at an Art Fair. She has benefited by having conversations with the other artists during the last two summers. Nancy has offered to share her story and her expertise before this year's Art Fair. 

If you are one of our registered participants, or are considering participating in this year's art fair, please join us on Friday for what should be an informative, casual session.