What is art?

When someone hears 'art' they automatically think of paintings like the Mona Lisa or The Starry Night. Most of us have been tricked into thinking that is what art is but that is just not true. Art is not just paintings or drawings, it is the way humans can express themselves and use their creativity. Art can be paintings, dance, drawings, cooking, sculpting, music and many more things. Art is made so we can appreciate its beauty and feel the emotional power to it. It allows us to connect with others and embrace the beauty a creativity of others while allowing ourselves to express who we are. Without art, how could we truly appreciate being human. The Antigonish Art Fair aims to bring people together to enjoy the cuisine, watch amazing performers, and look at some pieces of art that our talented local artists have created. Art is truly 'what makes us human' and we would like to show you the beauty and creativity in Nova Scotia. 

Let us know what you think art is by commenting below and we look forward to seeing you out at the Art Fair this summer!